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Quick Gift Workshops Week with Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery, Sergers!--Tuesday Featured

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BobbinWorks Pincushion

BobbinWorks Embellished Fabric

In this class you will play with the bobbin works capability of your machine. Using the bobbin works bobbin case and decorative threads, we will embellish an 18 ½” square of fabric. Learn the basics of your machine settings, how to wind specialty threads on your bobbin, and what types of threads work best with which stitches. You will complete a beautiful piece of embellished fabric which can then be used as a pillow top, tote bag front or even incorporated into a garment.


Serger Holiday Table Runner

A favorite thing to sew and then use to add a little holiday or seasonal cheer to my kitchen and home are table runners. They are easy and come together really fast!  This is creative, simple and perfect for all of your upcoming holiday festivities.